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Faculty members from various departments (Physics & Engineering, Computer & Information Sciences, and Mathematics) of Delaware State University involved with OSCAR.
Mukti M. Rana, PhD
Mukti M. Rana, PhDChair
Associate Professor
Principal Investigator
Hacene Boukari, PhD
Hacene Boukari, PhDAssociate Professor
Renu Tripathi, PhD
Renu Tripathi, PhDAssociate Professor
Gour S. Pati, PhD
Gour S. Pati, PhDAssociate Professor
Yuri Markushin, PhD
Yuri Markushin, PhDResearch Assistant Professor
Thomas A. Planchon, PhD
Thomas A. Planchon, PhDAssociate Professor
Graduate Director
Qi Lu, PhD
Qi Lu, PhDAssociate Professor
Deborah Santamore, PhD
Deborah Santamore, PhDAssociate Professor
Sokratis Makrogiannis, PhD
Sokratis Makrogiannis, PhDAssistant Professor
Mohammad A. Khan, PhD
Mohammad A. Khan, PhDAssistant ProfessorInterim Director of Imaging
Jun Ren, PhD
Jun Ren, PhDAssistant Professor
David Pokrajac, PhD
David Pokrajac, PhDProfessor
Gary Holness, PhD
Gary Holness, PhDAssociate Professor
Tomasz Smolinkski, PhD
Tomasz Smolinkski, PhDAssociate Professor
Jinjie Liu, PhD
Jinjie Liu, PhDAssociate Professor
Graduate Director

Postdoctoral Research

David Surmick, PhD
David Surmick, PhDPostdoctoral Researcher