OSCAR Students visit NASA Goddard, Los Alamos, and other national research centers

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OSCAR research students were able to experience other research facilities throughout the nation to gain knowledge and explore an atmosphere of other sciences outside of OSCAR.

Julius Williams of the Department of Physics and Engineering (DPE) traveled to Richmond, VA to take a look at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL). PNNL is a facility that focuses on energy for the environment and national security. Julius gave more insight about his experience:
“PNNL was cool. It was a completely different environment than what I was used to. The work experience was great. There was always something to learn different, and people there almost always accepted help from interns who wanted something else to do. The work experience was probably one of my highlights of the internship. I learned that there are things going on to help reduce hazardous waste in the country, and other places of the world. Also, a lot of collaboration happens when you have a massive project, and when it is very important to many groups. I also learned that LIBS can be used for many different applications, and the types of LIBS systems completely vary.”

Victoria Wilson, also of DPE, went to Oak Ridge, TN to experience the work of Y12: a facility where their focus is based on National Security to make the nation a safe place to live. It avoids the use of nuclear weapons as well.

Shakeel Jeffcoat, again of DPE, went to Wallops Flight Facility of NASA in Wallops Island, VA. The facility provides ways that are capable of meeting the needs of the U.S. aerospace technology interest and science research.

Amina Gauff and Shamia Pamplin of the Biology department both were able to travel from the east coast to check out the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) in New Mexico. LANL design classified nuclear weapons, with a mission to protect national security, energy, and environmental management.

Curtis Hite and Charles Locke (CIS), Jason Cornelius (Math Grad), Richard Garner and Andrew Voshell traveled to Goddard Space Flight Center of NASA in Greenbelt, MD.  The center has many scientists and engineers who build spacecraft, instruments and new technology to study Earth, the sun, our solar system and the universe.

The students were able to tour the facility, whereas also gain information about what technologies are used for research, take a look at telescopes, and present their knowledge of Earth Science, Astronomy and research topics NASA related.