Physics and Professional Development Day for Middle School Teachers

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Teachers from two Caesar Rodney School District Middle Schools including Fifer Middle and Postlethwaite Middle converged here at Delaware State University for a Professional Development Physics Day, organized by the Department of Physics and Engineering and the Optical Science Center for Applied Research. The program highlighted the research work that is being done in the OSCAR laboratories and the STEM demonstration kits that are used during outreach activities and could possibly be used as demonstrations in their classrooms.
The Day began with Dr. Marcano, the Chair person of the Department of Physics and Engineering, welcoming the group and the OSCAR Scientists introducing themselves and explaining their research. It was followed by the teachers introducing themselves and stating what they hoped to gain from the session. Then they toured several research labs accompanied by faculty volunteers. The science kit demonstrations were held after lunch and the teachers were able to have hand-on experience with the kits and get excited by the phenomena in optical communication and nanotechnology. It was a very stimulating experience for many of them to think about what can be taken to their classrooms.


Participating teachers think highly of this experience. Below are comments taken from the survey distributed at the end of the program.

“This was an amazing opportunity!”

“I was very impressed with what is going on at DSU!”

“Very informative and well done.”

“One of the Best! in-services of my entire 13 year teaching career.”

“This was excellent, maybe additional more specific trainings.”

“This was an amazing opportunity.”