OSCAR Co-Sponsors 2016 Kent County Science Fair

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The 5th Annual Kent County Science Fair was held Thursday, March 3rd, providing middle school youth the opportunity to display their scientific knowledge across a wide spectrum of science disciplines.

OSCAR faculty, staff, and students banded together to serve as keynote speakers, project reviewers, judges, registration staff, and other capacities in support of the science fair.


Science Fair participant Evans Armantrading Jr. explains his project to OSCAR researcher Dr. Amir Khan.

1st and 2nd place winners will now have an opportunity to participate in the Delaware Valley Science Fair. A 1st or 2nd place finish at the Delaware Valley Science Fair earns the student the chance to represent the state of Delaware at the International Science Fair.

“The best part for me is seeing the students’ excitement and the pride they have in their projects,” Jacquelyn J. Jones, Kent County Science Fair Director, said regarding the event. Mrs. Jones was responsible for the promotion, logistics, and overall coordination of the science fair.

Dr. Matt Bobrowsky, science educator at Delaware State University’s OSCAR, also hosted a teacher workshop during the event. The workshop consisted of ways to improve the quality of science fairs beginning with the elimination of the widely-used ‘hypothesis:’

“Making a prediction introduces bias… the experimenter, consiously or unconsiously, acts to increase the likelihood that the experiment will have the predicted outcome. Students also think their predictions need to be correct, whereas an incorrect hypothesis, based on testing, is one of the main ways that science advances,” says Dr. Bobrowsky.

In all, 21 students will be moving on to the Delaware Valley Science Fair. We wish them well as they represent Kent County Public Schools.