Look up! A Total Solar Eclipse is coming

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A total solar eclipse is expected on August 21, 2017 (between 1-4pm EDT) as darkness and stars will fill the air for a short time in the middle of the afternoon…  At least for some.

OSCAR astrophysicist, Dr. Matt Bobrowsky, explains:

Source: NASA

“There’s a central dark part of the (moon’s) shadow, called the umbra, and if you’re standing in the umbra, you’ll see the sun completely blocked out. What most of the country will observe, including in Delaware, is a partial eclipse because we’ll be in the penumbra.”

The umbra is a 70-mile wide band where the complete and total solar eclipse will take place.

Hotels are booked to capacity along the umbra band which stretches south-easternly from Washington to North Carolina.

The next total solar eclipse, visible from the US, will not take place until April 8, 2024 so all eyes and cameras will be focused on this one.

However, onlookers must protect their eyes as the sun can permanently damage one’s vision even when partially obstructed.

Eclipse safety glasses are available until 8/14, or until supplies last.

For more information, contact Dr. Matt Bobrowsky 302-857-7729, mbobrowsky@desu.edu, OSCAR Building Rm 306.

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